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Scanned copies of our GIA Certificates are found here:

These fields are particularly significant :

Treatments - Indicates whether pearl has been subject to artificial dying, bleaching, irradiation, or peeling.
Bodycolor - Indicates the overall color of the pearl.
Overtone - Individual or multiple overlying translucent colors. It is the overtone that gives the pearl that beautiful iridescence.
Luster - Luster is the intensity of light reflected from the surface of the pearl.
Surface - Refers to irregularities confined to the pearl's surface.

(1) Premium White 9 mm
GIA Certification - Premium White 9 mm Pearl

(2) Premium White 7 mm
GIA Certification - Premium White 7 mm Pearl

(3) Pink 9 mm
GIA Certificate - Pink 9 mm Pearl
(4) White 11 mm

(5) White 9 mm
GIA Certificate - White 9 mm Pearl

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