How do I return an item?

Singapore Pearl Purchases

For local online purchases, please inspect & ensure that the quality is up to satisfaction during delivery. Purchases made are not refundable.

If the product is not to your expectation during your inspection,

- if hand delivered & payment has not been made, inform the delivery person
- if a mailed shipment, please inform us immediately with your receipt number, and we will provide a refund of your online payment when we collect the product back.

As pearls are natural products, minute scratches, blemishes, dis-coloration, and watermarks are normal.

Nonetheless, should any pearl not meet your expectation prior to payment, highlight the pearl to our staff, and if it is below reasonable quality, we will replace the pearl for you. All paid purchases are taken as final.

We send samples of each white/ cream batch for GIA certification to ensure the authenticity of the pearls.

For more details, please contact:


Phone: +65 8257 6252

Singapore Agent Store Location:

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