Why choose

(1) GIA Certification for Singapore Pearls

Our white & pink pearls are sample tested by GIA to verify pearl quality & that no artificial treatments have occurred.
Most Singapore pearl shops do not offer this assurance & basic due diligence.

(2) Contemporary, Modern Pearl Designs / Limited Editions/ Personalize your own Singapore pearl necklace!

You already know the classic single-color, single-strand pearl necklace the Singapore lady bankers & the chi-chi tai-tais' flaunt.

How about contemporary multi-colored, multi-strand pearl necklaces?

How about designing your own personalized pearl necklace colors, a Singapore exclusive?

At, you get a contemporary Singapore interpretation of the classic pearl for everyday wear.

(3) Free Pearl Shipping , No Obligation Cash-on-Delivery Home Service

We understand your concern that the pictures you see may not be the necklace you get. 
Indeed for pearls, there may be watermarks or other natural peculiarities that, while authentic, may not be acceptable to you.

For this reason, we offer a free Singapore home delivery (or any other venue of your choice) which, when combined with a COD payment option ensures a no-obligation experience for yourself. Your buying satisfaction is important to us.

Just like the physical pearl shops in Singapore, you too can look and see without obligation to buy.

In addition, our home delivery involves us bringing a few pieces of the same item to allow you to inspect & choose your preferred piece. 

(4) 110% Price Guarantee*

Find an identical GIA-tested pearl of lower price elsewhere in Singapore? 
We'll refund you back 110% of the product item! 
(Terms & Conditions Below)

(5) Cost Savings Passed To You

Our pearl prices are extremely competitive due to low overheads. A Singapore pearl shop paying S$30K rent will mark-up their pearls to recover $1K daily, for example. 

The shop then marks-up their pearl prices. So, why should you foot that bill? : 
GIA certified for quality; Contemporary pearl pieces; No-obligation Singapore home delivery service; 110% money back guarantee!

Our Products:

* Terms & Conditions for 110% price guarantee:

(1) Only applicable to our GIA tested pearl types, as follows:

- White Premium 7 mm
        - White Premium 9 mm
- White 9 mm
- Cream 11 mm
        - Pink 9 mm
        - Pink 11 mm

(2) Competitor price must be advertised in a public Singapore print media within 6 months of  the date of purchase

(3) Competitor must have been in pearl business in Singapore for at least 1 year

(4) Each client is eligible for 110% refund only once - i.e. if we have refunded you 110% before, and you buy more pearls from us again, we thank you for your business, but we can't refund you 110% again

(5) Purchases beyond S$10,000 will not be eligible for the 110% refund

(6) Refund is subject to proof of GIA certification of competitor's pearls

Why these terms & conditions?

(A) To prevent fraudulent claims/ competitors.

(B) They can even make fake eggs in China. "Pearl" products vary greatly - from 100% cultured pearls like ours, to pearl shell "pearls" and artificially-made application of pearl nacre by spraying. 

We have seen pearl shell pearls represented as 100% pearls, and cultured fresh-water pearls passed off as ocean & even South Sea Pearls. Thus, to prevent dispute we have certified our pearls with GIA, and require likewise for 110% refund eligibility.

Our GIA Certificates can be found here.